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Injap Tower Hotel facade | (c) Hey Haeja
Whenever I go on a trip, I always look up several inns/hotels and make a spreadsheet to compare the pricing, facilities, other notes about the place (i.e. room can fit four, whether or not breakfast is included, etc).

Such was the case when my sister and I went to Iloilo. Injap Tower Hotel was actually our primary choice after my sister ruled out staying at a small resort where the pool could only fit one person...standing.

The main selling point of Injap for us was the cost. At P1,750/night/2 people, with a plated breakfast - that was a steal, considering that we went there during the Dinagyang Festival. Note: Injap Tower Hotel is far from the route of the parade. You will have to take a jeepney/taxi to get to where the festival actually takes place.

Another reason we chose Injap Tower Hotel (and yes, I do have to keep repeating the name because there are apparently several Injap buildings in the city) is its proximity to SM City Mandurriao, which is where the shuttle vans from the airport drop off and pick up passengers. Plus, SM City Mandurriao has a traveler's lounge terminal, which was perfect for us because we had to check out at 12nn and wait for our flight at 8pm.

Our flight was delayed by 2 hours, so our 6am ETA was moved to 8am. When we arrived at Injap, they had no room available for us yet, but they stored our bags so we didn't carry our luggage as we traveled around Iloilo.

Injap Tower Hotel's Happy Room | (c) Hey, Haeja
Each Happy Room can fit up to 3 people

We went back to the hotel around 4pm, at which time we decided not to leave anymore because we were just so tired. We decided to have an early dinner, bought some snacks from the 7-11 conveniently located on the ground floor of the hotel, and settled in our room.
Injap Tower Hotel's Happy Room | (c) Hey, Haeja
Cable TV with small dresser for one

Each room, called a Happy Room, has a microwave, a mini refrigerator, and a kitchen sink. The bed was so comfortable and warm. There is also a closet with several hangers, but they only provided one bathrobe, which my sister and I took turns using. They also only gave two towels, which was sufficient for us, but I wonder if they provide an extra towel if three persons checked-in.

I'm happy to note that they had a bidet because it is such a pain to do one's business without a tabo or the handy-dandy bidet. They also provided toiletries in a cute pouch; it contained a toothbrush, a razor, ear buds, soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. Sad to say, my sister's pouch did not contain soap or ear buds. Uniformity and equal benefits would have been nice.

Some more pictures of our Happy Room:

Injap Tower Hotel's Happy Room | (c) Hey, Haeja
Sufficiently spacious corridor
Injap Tower Hotel's Happy Room | (c) Hey, Haeja
Sufficiently clean bathroom
Injap Tower Hotel's Happy Room | (c) Hey, Haeja
The throne

Injap Tower Hotel's Happy Room | (c) Hey, Haeja
View outside our window
I don't have any complaints about the cleanliness of the bathroom, which is one of my sister's pet peeves. It is also one of the places I first check when I look up reviews/website and upon entering the room.

They also provided a flimsy in-room slippers. I was grateful for that because the room didn't have carpeting and the floor was cold, and I didn't bring slippers.

Injap Tower Hotel's pool | (c) Hey, Haeja
Injap Tower Hotel's pool on the 5th
We actually brought our bathing suits with us but the weather was too cold, and I was already coughing my lungs out, so we just went for a massage.

This is what my sister had to say for the spa: best. spa. ever. My sister, who doesn't like to get full body naked massages became so relaxed that she actually fell asleep. I also had a full body scrub (my birthday treat to myself) aside from the full body massage. The body scrub left me feeling so smooth afterwards. I actually don't know how good the massage was because I drifted off to sleep immediately. In fact, the masseuse had to shake my shoulder afterwards to tell me we were done. Hehehe! But judging from the laziness and sound sleep I had afterwards, I'm guessing it was pretty good. Oh, did I mention that the massage only cost P400, and I only paid P750 for my two treatments? That's pretty cheap, considering its location and service.

Guimaras yonder - so near yet so far
The keycard envelope also contained our breakfast coupon. The restaurant on the 21st floor served a mix of Asian cuisines. The food serving was good enough for one. They also had four different choices of coffee and tea, but some of those coffee/tea choices had additional cost.

And since Injap Tower Hotel is the highest tower in Iloilo, the view at the top was quite nice. The weather was just really gloomy when we were there so it felt so dreary.

Injap Tower Hotel | (c) Hey, HaejaThere are two elevators and one service elevator. It was annoying that there wasn't any display that will tell you on which the floor the elevator was already, so we had to press all three buttons and rode the one that arrived first. Don't forget to bring your key card with you whenever you have to use the elevator because you will need to tap your key card against the elevator's security panel. Also, some doors in the fire exit don't have handles from inside the stairwell, so taking the stairs wasn't really an option. Ate Mako and I walked from the 14th to the 5th floor and had to go back up to the 11th floor just so we can take the elevator.

Also, when we tried to check-out, they tried to charge us P50 for consuming this sweet treat thing that we didn't even know we had in our refrigerator but we did not eat it. They kept insisting we did, but we swore we didn't, and I told them to check the trash. They finally voided the charge. To me, that was fishy. If it was the previous occupant who ate it, why were we being charged and not them? Since they didn't clean our room, all our trash was there. They said they had a unique code etc etc, but who cares about a unique code when we didn't consume any such product from the mini bar? Sheesh. That really soured my experience of Injap Tower Hotel. I was at the point of just paying the P50 just to get the heck out of there when they suddenly voided it. Well thank you, but that still miffed me.

Lesson learned: If I'm going to stay at Injap Tower Hotel, I'm going to keep stock of their minibar! I'll probably apply to this to other hotels, but then again I've never been through this before.

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