Welcome to Hey, Haeja!

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I'm a...Blogger. Bookworm. Dreamer. Doer. Editor. Budding Traveler. Chocolate Lover. French Language Enthusiast.

Hey, Haeja is my newest blog where I will chronicle my travails as I go around my city, the metro, my country, or the world.

I named my blog Hey, Haeja because when I started this blog, I felt like God, my family, and my friends keep tapping me on the shoulder, saying hey, Haeja, look at this, there's more to life than this. There's still so much more to explore, so much you haven't seen or experienced.

Since I started this blog, I have been blessed with so many new experiences and  travels to new places. While looking at my blog archive the other day and my travel roll, I just realized that this blog has also evolved as sort of my memory bank, and a reminder of how beautiful my life has been so far. In the space of four months, I've been to CDO, Camiguin, Misamis Oriental, Pampanga, Singapore, and Tagaytay. That's just amazing for me because I'm not the type to travel often (usually, just once or twice in a year due to financial constraints). I'm just so grateful to God for enabling all these experiences.

You, as my reader, can also take this as a hey, from me, sort of a tap on your shoulder or my attempt to call your attention to this place I visited or just discovered.

For any queries, comments, suggestions, etc, email me at mhmfranca [@] gmail. This blog is best viewed using Firefox. All posts and photos are by me, unless specified. You are not authorized to repost and claim the entry as your own.

I hope you'll enjoy my discovery and rediscovery! :)

Thank you for not leaving spam on my posts. :)