The Year of Boundaries

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Last year, I learned about the concept that a lot of people have apparently been using to set the tone for their year. They call this their "Word of the Year" or "Word for 20--". Last December, I realized that 2013 was my Year of Strength. That was my word for 2013: Strength. I had to rediscover my inner strength again, and I didn't realize this until I wrote a letter for a friend on her birthday.

Last year, I had to be strong. I felt, and still feel, so good when my close friends tell me how impressed they are by how strong I've been. They said they can't imagine going through what I did and coming out better than ever. They can't imagine my inner strength to be able to get past something even I don't wish on my worst enemies. I had to be strong because there was no other way to be but to push myself off the ground and start walking until I can run and fly again. And fly I did.

This Word of the Year thing is not something I've taken to heart, and I wasn't even on planning setting a "word" this year to motivate, or perhaps remind, myself, but a lot has happened this January that made me realize there's this one word that suits me for the year: BOUNDARIES.

This 2014 will be my year of Boundaries: Of finding my limits, pushing beyond my limits, and finding and setting boundaries for myself.

I joined this particular activity that I was so afraid to join because I was afraid of the content or what I might have to end up doing (it's not illegal, just beyond my comfort zone). But two of my newfound friends in 2013 encouraged me, and so I said, okay, let's just try it out. I find that I could do it, but in the midst of my exploration and research on how to fulfill the goal set for us, I also realized I was letting go of my inhibitions, and yes, pushing my limits, but I was also losing my boundaries. I said jokes that normally I wouldn't tell the world. In the midst of my amusement and getting into the whirl of things, I had let go of myself.

It was freeing, it was fun, but in the aftermath, I wonder (and cringe) about the possible consequences to myself.

This year, I also have a lot of work, and I have to be careful to find my limits, to go beyond what I think I can do, and yet make sure I will be able to fulfill every task I put upon myself with excellence, as I should. I have to be careful not to over-extend myself, and promise to do this or that and end up not doing them in my mad scramble to do a lot of things. So I have to set myself some boundaries while pushing beyond my limits.

And before the fantastic month of January ended, the client-boss sent me an email that totally excited me, and scared me. This is primarily the reason why I've become aware of the word Boundaries. I'm about to embark on a path towards something that will be beyond my comfort zone, and I'm excited and scared at the same time.

But this is now, this is my chance, and I'm going to fight all fears and doubts and negativity and push myself to do this. I can do this. I will do this.

What will you do this 2014?


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I must say, I really love new year posts, and word of the year posts. I love how it all feels so optimistic and how a single word can challenge us to be our best selves. :) I hope that you will have a fruitful year of learning about boundaries and pushing beyond your limits. And because my word is delight, I wish you find joy in all of it, too! :)

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Thank you, Tina! :) And I wish you delight, too :) (h)


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