Returning to an old favorite: Mamou

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Last January 25, I treated my family to Mamou's good food for my post-birthday dinner. I ate there with a friend a few years ago, and I vowed to myself I'll bring my family there someday. This year felt like a good year to go all out and treat them somewhere nice, and my only option was Mamou because through all the years, I haven't forgotten the my satisfaction and satiation the first time.

I initially thought Mamou was expensive. Okay, it is! I'm not going to make a habit of eating there often, but it's not too expensive. The only truly expensive items on the menu are their steaks, and if you don't eat their steaks, the food is pretty affordable, as long as you're not paying for the whole group!

While waiting for our food, Mamou gave us a basket containing wheat bread and white bread. It was a good thing it's unlimited because my two-year-old niece didn't want to eat anything but the bread!

But my family, seeing the menu, decided to let me order myself as to what I can fit in the budget. I decided to order my tried and tested favorites. Mamou's Lorenzo's Truffle Cream and their Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak.

Angus Ribeye steak (single, P1780)

The steak was as good as I remembered! It was tasty, chewy, and went down the gullet without any hassle. Even my dad, who follows his diet, couldn't stop taking a bite, or five, from the steak. Mamou's angus ribeye steak is so good, but I think I'll only order it for very special occasions if I'm eating out. The steak was served with two side dishes; I asked for two red steak rice and they were okay. The steak and the taste didn't come out as much as it did with the white steak rice though.

But the main reason why I wanted to eat at Mamou was because of the Lorenzo's Truffle Cream. Oh my god, it was so delicious. After I ate at Mamou, I actually went around several cities in search of other truffle pasta that could compare to Mamou's, but none was able to topple Lorenzo's Truffle Cream in my favor, taste-wise or price-wise. My parents, in fact, could not stop raving about the truffle cream. Until we went home, they were still marveling about the tastiness of the pasta.

Lorenzo's Truffle Cream (P375)

I wish I ordered two of this, though, because the serving was smaller than I remembered, and my dad loved it so much, he looked like he wanted to eat the whole plate. Since I wasn't sure if I was keeping within my budget that night, I couldn't order another plate. Lesson learned. Next time we eat there (we were seven in the group), we should definitely have two plates of the truffle cream pasta!

I also ordered their tonkatsu, which was good for 1 or 2, depending on whether you're super hungry. The red steak rice here included with the katsu seemed to bigger than the side dishes with the steak. The rice here was actually shared between three people! We each had our own cup of rice, barring my niece, but there was just really a lot of rice in the katsu plate.

Not their usual katsu, but the price is P300+ as well.

Since I've eaten authentic Japanese tonkatsu from various Japanese outlets, I wasn't very impressed with their katsu. It was good, but not as tasty as I expected from Mamou. While it's one of their more affordable offerings, I think I'm going to try other dishes of theirs. And next time, I'll try to go there by lunchtime because I really want to try their Eggs Benedict!

Another reason why I chose to eat Mamou is because they had relatively healthy dishes on offer. Since I wanted my parents to be able to enjoy dinner, even with their numerous dietary restrictions, my choice of restaurants was limited.

Baked White Fish (P295)

Thankfully, they had a Baked White Fish with olive oil and lemon. It was tasty, and I think if I didn't order the steak or the pasta, my dad would have eaten all the fish. But he gave parts of the fish away and then started eating huge servings of the pasta. Haha papa, don't worry I'll treat you to their truffle cream again. The dish also came with our choice of rice, and I asked for it to be plain for my dad, which didn't matter as well because my dad kept eating the tonkatsu's steak rice. My sister and I liked the white fish so much that we've been pestering our mom if she could bake our fish the same way.

Since Mamou is located in Serendra, I have come to expect a level of service from the restaurant. The owner, Tita Malou, was also there and she talked to us briefly, asking about our satisfaction with the food. The service was efficient, the waiters were friendly, and the atmosphere was pleasant. We had to dine al fresco because the restaurant was full. I didn't reserve a table because I wasn't sure if our dinner will push through, so we had to wait a while.

All in all, Mamou was a total hit with my family. My dad asked me how much I paid overall, and when he found out the amount, he said it wasn't as expensive as he thought it was, and I'm thinking he'd probably ask my mom to eat there on certain occasions in the future.

My budget took a hit, but Mamou was well worth the price. Thank you for the wonderful birthday dinner, Mamou!

Mamou Serendra
Unit 1C - 15 G/F Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Heights
Tels. (+632) 856-3569 / (+632) 909-5741 (+63917) 816-2668

Mamou - A Home Kitchen
Unti 1C - 15 G/F Serendra,
Fort Bonifacio Global City
(02) 856 3569 / 909 5741
+63917 816 2668

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