A sweet secret in the south

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Display of goodies at Sweet Cluster with ate Rea in the background.

About five years ago, I was able to taste the best cupcake of my life. It was sweet, pure chocolate goodness with cream cheese. Unfortunately, the baker only made it for a specific event and he never put up a shop (I'm still hoping he would). So since then, I've been on the look out for the alternative favorite chocolate cupcake. After visiting so many stores and spent hundreds of money, trying to convince myself that a particular cupcake is 'good enough' (and believe me, I've been to all the popular commercial cupcake stores in the metro and have tasted some online-bought goodies), I finally found it.

I've been passing through Severina for over two months and I saw this little nook that was barely noticeable unless you're looking outside. I was shy to ask my sister to stop on the road because she hates doing that but one day I finally asked if we could stop by, and she agreed.

What followed were several hundreds paid and a couple of inches on my thighs probably, but oh so worth it. I finally found my alternative favorite chocolate cupcake!

Now, my family knows I don't share my chocolate but I have this new motto, sharing is dieting, so I let my sister take a bite of my cupcake. She managed to eat half.

The next day, I bought two cupcakes. My sister asked me again if she could have some. My sister. Who doesn't like chocolate that much. Yes.

Belgian Choco cupcake P55/piece
The cake itself is moist and not too sweet, not cloying. The icing on top was a little hard and very generous. I don't really like the icing of most cupcakes because, combined with the cake, it can be too sweet. But I found myself eating this cake as a whole, not separating the pieces. In fact, it's better that way. They also add chocolate sprinkles on top, but I guess you could tell them to not put any. For me, it's barely noticeable anyway.

My sister kept buying blueberry cheesecake instead. She said it wasn't an 'oh my god the best cheesecake ever' experience, but then she has never eaten a blueberry cheesecake she hasn't liked. But she did like it. Enough to order it three times.

Blueberry cheesecake at P95/slice
What my sister liked about this cake is that the cheesecake part is very generous and it tastes like they didn't scrimp on the flavors and materials (this also applies to their chocolate cupcake). Also, the blueberry serving at least reaches until the end of the cake. It's a bit small, but she said it's actually okay for the price because in other stores this would be more expensive.

And my mom liked the goods as well that she asked us last Friday if we could go to Severina to have some dessert. :)) We bought two cakes. One was another blueberry cheesecake and I decided to try a different cake this time to see if their other desserts taste just as good.

Chocolate Bliss cake at P150/mini cake
I ordered their Chocolate Bliss this time. I was supposed to get the Amaretto cake but they only sell it as one whole, not by slice/piece. The Chocolate Bliss mini cake is a chocolate mouse cake with a half-inch chocolate sponge cake base, covered with chocolate and gold icing and surrounded with walnuts. The cake itself was very good. Again, not too sweet but sweet enough to satiate your chocolate craving. The walnuts added a weird taste to the cake because it's taste was very overpowering, but it helped to balance the cake's sweetness, too. Their mini cakes are quite big and even for someone who loves chocolate like I do, I definitely was not able to eat this in one sitting. This can be shared between two or three people. Their cupcake, you can choose to share with someone but if you're like me, you can just buy one for yourself and another one for everyone else to share. ;;)

Ate Rea at the Sweet Cluster is very nice and welcoming. She packs the cakes into plastic containers and brown paper bags if you're bringing it to go, complete with a plastic fork or two. However, you can also choose to dine in. There are several chairs and she serves water for free. There are also magazines available, and yes, a small comfort room. I can definitely see people hanging out here although not staying for long if you need to work on your computer because I didn't see any outlets. They also serve tea, hot chocolate, and juice. My sister is excited to come back and try out another one of their cakes. Me, I'm wondering if I can persuade her to visit Sweet Cluster on Christmas Day. :))

The waiting bench for dine out customers.

You can hang out here with friends!

Sweet Cluster's menu and pricing
As Ate Ria told me, they are now accepting orders for Christmas and will put your orders in special Christmas boxes (for a fee).

Sweet Cluster is inside Severina Village, just through Severina Diamond gate, and right across the car wash. Coming from the gate, it's on the right side, sandwiched between a parlor and a laundry shop.

Sweet Cluster
Cakes | Cupcakes | Muffins | Cookies
43-E Severina Avenue, Km. 18,
West Service Road, Parañaque City
(02) 994-9638

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