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With my work, I have to be online and mobile almost 24 hours on weekdays. This is to make sure I get all the emails and disseminate it to the appropriate people in our team. I used to only have my work Gmail, but with the expansion of my tasks, I was given a Workspace email AND an Outlook email.

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I love technology and software so I immediately started researching on the best email apps to use to consolidate my non-Gmail accounts. I think Android's Gmail app is handy enough so I haven't thought of replacing it. Samsung's Email app (I have an S3 and a Note 10.1 2014) is okay, but I wanted more functionality and a better-looking app. I finally decided to try CloudMagic.

CloudMagic is a free email app that boasts awesome search ability and other goodies called "Cards" where with a click of a button you can send contents of your email into workable tasks, or record it to Evernote, or see the sender's details, etc.

Workspace's push functionaility was apparently discontinued a few years ago so I constantly had to refresh the Email ap. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that CloudMagic ignores that inability and pushes the email on to the user anyway as it arrives in your mail. You don't know how much that has saved me hours of refreshing, and waking up and finding my email waiting and ready to be read for me. I don't have to be anxiously waiting for the email to appear, it just syncs onto my tablet just like that.

So that solved my Workspace problem out of the way. As my niece Aj likes to say, Ta-da!

Now, onto my Outlook email.

My Outlook email, for some reason, took over the security of my Samsung tablet. I can only use Pin for security, instead of the pattern security code. I hated that an app had control of my tablet like that, but I thought I couldn't get out of it.

Then I used CloudMagic, and I was able to use whatever security code I preferred! Ahhh bliss.

The only glitch I've had with CloudMagic so far was that my Outlook account was disconnected one time and I only noticed it when I decided to check the app because I wasn't getting any emails on my tablet.

You can also set a passcode for the whole CloudMagic app if you want to keep your emails on a lockdown.

Right now, CloudMagic only supports iOS and Android devices, but they support various email services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Live/Outlook, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, Office 365, and other emails via IMAP (as I mentioned, this works for Workspace).

CloudMagic is a free app, but I don't get advertisements on my app, which is awesome. But the downside is you can only add up to 5 accounts. Since I have several Gmail accounts, I still retained my Gmail and Yahoo Mail apps. But I'm not complaining about this limitation!

CloudMagic only pushes emails from the past 30 days. but since I regularly clean out my email inboxes, I don't have any problem with this.

CloudMagic for iOS
CloudMagic for Android

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