One fine discovery in CDO: Missy Bon Bon

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A cozy nook in Missy Bon Bon
One of the things my companions and I have agreed that we must do in CDO is to eat in a place that is exclusive to the city. Because of its proximity to our lodgings, Discovery Hotel, we ended up in Missy Bon Bon. It looked like a quaint little place that was bustling with people, and we decided to have breakfast there on Sunday morning.

Missy Bon Bon had different types of chairs and couches, which just added to its charm. Since the morning sunlight hits the window, they have blinds to keep the place from heating up. My friends and I found the temperature and the overall ambiance definitely comfortable. At first, we were wary of eating there because the food seemed too pricey, and we were afraid that we would still be hungry. But since the dining places available at 6am were very limited, we decided to give it a try.

The place opens 6am daily, and my friends and I were there by 6:30am. We were surprised to see different age groups - from teens to yuppies to elderly (and I mean senior citizens) - eating at the place. I think they take note of their repeat customers, because Ate Mako's friend who met us there was greeted by name by the staff. I like that part of their customer service.

We were also amazed with the range of food offered by Missy Bon Bon. They have all day breakfast meals like pancake; American-type breakfast fare like bacon, ham, sausage; Filipino fare like bangus, tocino, tapa; and other dishes like pork chop, eggs benedict, sandwiches, and even pasta. They also offer hot and cold drinks, soup, shakes, juices, cakes, salad, bottled water, and even gelato. The only thing I didn't see there were cookies and pizza. This seems like an ideal place for friends and even family members who are on a diet, or even just to hang out. They also have magazines available for you to read.

We ordered the bacon breakfast (P150) and the tapa breakfast (P125). The food was nothing remarkable, but it was fit for the price and the place. However, if you're super hungry, do avoid getting the bacon breakfast in the morning. It felt like a snack to me. Chichi and I also bought bread, thinking we might get hungry on our way to El Salvador and back. They have really delicious looking bread on the display. And if you're into the cronut craze, they also offer it at P75/piece, and they have about four different flavors (Strawberry Frost, Chocolate Dazzle, Sweet Missy, and Blueberry Burst). They had plenty on display in the morning but they ran out when we were there for lunch. (When we passed by the night before, we were told that their bread was at buy 1 take 1 and their cronuts was at 30% off - I'm not sure if this is a nightly discount).

Their bread display filled with their delicious bread.
For lunch, we went back to Missy Bon Bon because it was near the shuttle, Glorymer (it's just right outside), that we were going to take for the ride to the airport. Chichi and I wanted to eat the bread we bought in the morning for lunch, thinking the food we ordered might be insufficient for what could be a long wait at the airport. I asked if they would kindly reheat the bread we bought from them and they agreed and even served it to our table.

Chicken turnover
I was delighted to find their bread tasty and delicious. Their pastries are reasonably priced, and if it wasn't for my limited budget, I would have bought more bread. I had the chicken turnover (P39, I think?), and I liked it so much I ordered another one to eat at the airport in case our flight was delayed. Chichi had a tuna turnover and she enjoyed it too.

At Missy Bon Bon, you have to order your food at the counter, and if you're dining in, they will bring the food to your table, complete with utensils and water. They have two counters, but for that morning and lunch, only one counter was open. The cashier took quite a long time, and I was getting impatient because we were in a hurry. The kuya before me also asked for an official receipt, which added to the long wait. Thankfully, he noticed my agitation and just told the cashier to ring up my purchase before finishing his receipt, which the cashier was just taking years to do.

Their pastel is also a notable treat, as some of Chichi's friends from Manila, who have already tried their pastel, requested for her to bring them some. People said it's a good alternative to the original pastel from Vjandep (pronounced as Vandep, the j is silent).

Three-cheese pasta
For lunch, Ate Mako ordered their pesto cream pasta (P145). Me, being a cheese lover, tried their three-cheese pasta (P155). Sadly, the three-cheese pasta tasted too bland. I did not enjoy it so much. I tasted the pesto and it was delicious. I wished then that I ordered their pesto as well, or tried their eggs benedict.

But what I liked about this is that the quantity of the pasta was more than what we expected. While the taste was not to my liking, at least the price was justified for the quantity. The meat was plenty, and tastier than the pasta. The bread was also tasty, but then I already expected that from Missy Bon Bon by then. Their pasta dishes, for me, are more sulit than their American breakfast dishes, in terms of price.

Missy Bon Bon has the usual culprits, I mean flavors, with some...unique ones.
One-scoop gelato
We were tempted by their gelato display, and since it was reasonably priced, we decided to give it a try. Their one-scoop in a cup is only P55. In the photo above, the P55 gelati are the ones with the yellow tag. The purple tags cost P68/cup and the blue tags cost P100/cup. Their gelato on a cone are a bit more pricey. I got the plain chocolate gelato (lol, of course, chocolate), but they have the usual other flavors like Sansrival, Roasted Almond, Strawberry, Pistachio, Mango, Biscotto, Cookies and Cream, Ferrero Rocher, and Pistachio Sansrival. But they have other unique flavours as well like Stracciatella (I don't know what that is), Fruit Salad, Melon, Black Forest, Mixed Berries Yoghurt, Bubblegum, and...Love Potion #9! I don't know what the Love Potion contains, I should have asked, but I was too excited to eat my gelato.

I have had my fair share of chocolate gelato (it's the only flavor I actually eat - or with nuts if they're available), and Missy Bon Bon's chocolate gelato has nothing to be shy about. It has this cocoa taste, but instead of it being a detriment, I actually enjoyed the somewhat bitter taste it brought to the mix. It somehow tempered the sweetness of the gelato.

Pastel Gelato sandwhich
One scoop is sufficient to satiate those taste buds, even for a chocolate and sweets lover like me. Looking at my cup, it does not even look like a one scoop but a one cup filled to the brim. But if you really want some more, they also offer two and three scoops servings.

Chichi, on the other hand, ordered their unique treat, Pastel Gelato Sandwhich (P45, I think), which is a Missy Bon Bon pastel with a scoop of gelato in between. The gelato flavor depends on your choice (but I'm not sure if the price will change if you get the purple- or blue-tagged flavors). She said it was really delicious and definitely worth trying out. If you're a fan of pastel and gelato, I think this is a definite must try.

As I mentioned, the cashier takes a long time to ring up the purchases, so when I bought my pasta, I already ordered my gelato. I just told them I will have it after my meal, and they agreed. Did I mention that I really liked their customer service? And oh yeah, to top it all off, they also have a somewhat reliable free WiFi service.

To add to the awesomeness of Missy Bon Bon, they also have a clean bathroom with a separate urinal for the males. The bathroom has mirrors all over, so no matter your height you can check out your reflection. Also, some of their tiles have green plants, which was pretty unique. Missy Bon Bon was just oozing with charm and uniqueness.

If you want to eat al fresco, they also have several tables and chairs available. The seating options are available for two to four people, so you can definitely hang out with your friends and family here.

From the ambiance, to the customer service, to their food, Missy Bon Bon is definitely a gem in Cagayan de Oro. If I ever get to visit CDO again, I will make sure to pass by again.

Missy Bon Bon
LKKS Address: Rosario Drive, Limketkai Mall, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro 9000
Robinsons: Level 1, Robinsons Place, CDO
Gaisano: Ground Floor, Gaisano Mall, CDO
Tel: +6388 8566852 (if you live in the Philippines, just dial 088 instead of +6388)
Missy Bon Bon Website
Missy Bon Bon Facebook page

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