Comic strip addiction: JL8

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Hello there! How has your discovery of life been so far? Mine has been pretty A-Okay. One of the things that I have discovered a few months ago is this awesome webcomic called JL8, based on DC Comics characters. It was actually my sister, isyU, who got me started on this whole fantastic comic series. She has been on my case for a couple of weeks to get started on the series, and one day I was bored and I went, oh what the heck, "What's the URL again of that webcomic you want me to read?"

She excitedly directed me towards Yale Stewart's Tumblr blog for JL8, I sat down...and didn't get up until I finished all 128 posts (at that time - it's now issue #141 as of this writing). It's so addicting! I'm not really a fan of comics until I started reading Fables last year. Then I discovered Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, and Fairest. Then I got started on Sandman, and I also have pending Hayate the Butler manga to read. But I haven't really explored the whole world of DC and Marvel superheroes. I wasn't interested, you know? I just like watching the movies.

But JL8 became a game-changer. Suddenly, I couldn't wait to log on to Tumblr and read the latest events of the cute 8-year-old characters. I was suddenly into Diana, Batman, and Superman. I started reading up on them online and I'm really feeling the urge to go to Fully Booked and buy some comic books.

The stories revolve around the following characters: Bruce (Batman), Clark (Superman), Barry (Flash), Diana (Wonder Woman), J'Onn (the Martian), Hal (Green Lantern), Karen (I'm not sure who she is), and their friendships and romantic tangles. It's funny to see them as kids and see how mature they act-except for Flash and Green Lantern-with grown-up troubles. Bruce is superbly adorable, and I can't help but prefer him to Clark.

I'm posting some of the strips from JL8 (with permission from Yale Stewart, of course).

The issue that started it all...

Best buds Bruce and Clark being so cute.

Neil Gaiman makes an appearance!

Where Clark gets super friend-zoned.
There is hope for the guys if Clark Kent himself gets friend-zoned as well.

In JL8, Bruce is this kid who acts so tough and grown-up but is lonely without his friends, and is still a kid deep inside. Thankfully, Alfred is always there for him when he's down. Clark is just a kid but he already has a good heart. When Bruce or Clark are out of line, one of them steps up to guide the other towards the right thing to do. Barry and Hal are really best buds as well and they act their age (in this strip, they are all 8-year-olds). They fight and play a lot, and welcome J'onn the Martian into their friendship. Diana is mature for her age, but she still plays like a kids, with dolls and unicorns. Karen is her best friend, and she's the type who loves and gives with her all.

I wish JL8 could become a printed comic book. I so want to buy a copy.

Yale posts a new comic print every Wednesday (American time). He also put up free wallpapers and other stand-alone images. If you're now psyched to read JL8 as well, head on over to


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