Plants vs. Zombies 2! Finally!

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Oh my, I waited this since it was first announced. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is finally here! Sadly, it's only available for iOS for now. Hopefully, a copy for other mobile platforms, Android and Windows OS, and PCs will also be available soon.

It debuted yesterday in Apple's App Store, and a lot of people have been downloading it like crazy! Of course, we waited years for this to come out so I can totally understand the hype. The first Plants vs. Zombies game was released in 2009 after all. It garnered so many awards, the developers must have been feeling pretty pressured to come up with a sequel that will be up to scratch!

After downloading the game via the link I posted, don't go offline yet or disconnect! The app will download some things for you to be able to play. The game is compatible with older devices, such as my iPod Touch 4 and my sister's iPad 2, but it requires iOS 5.1, and of course optimized for iPhone 5. The game took quite some time to load on my iPod, but the game was smooth and didn't crash no matter how long it was opened on my device. The photos here are all screencapped from my device.

After opening the game, it will first download the following:

Even if you get disconnected, the download will resume where you left off.
Then a patch will be downloaded, which doesn't need an internet connection.

This also did not need an internet connection.

I like PopCap's humor. It's definitely about time!

If you want to brush up on your zombie-killing skills, PvZ2 gives you the option to start with refresher levels (much like the original PvZ levels). This is especially good because there might be some who are not yet familiar with PvZ (after all, kids aged 1 also play games!) and so you can get a feel for the game. The graphics are not so crisp as the original PvZ on my computer, but maybe that's just my device? The iPod Touch 4th gen is a bit behind now, after all.

Be warned, though, that if you decide to start with the refresher levels, you have to finish all the refresher levels, which might bore you. Also, don't forget to get that mostly-helpful-but-sometimes-gets-in-the-way Assistive Touch button (I put mine on the bike on the lower left part of the screen).

And did I mention that it's currently free? Here's the link again if you are busting to get it now: Apple App Store.

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